Bitcoin Defies Odds: How to Benefit From Crypto Turmoil?

• Bitcoin is holding strong despite scrutiny from regulatory bodies and a volatile market.
• High-timeframe investors believe that any pullbacks from the current price point offer a significant opportunity.
• Rising interest rates challenge crypto and stock markets, causing traders to take profits on the gains and BTC-tracked futures traders to experience losses.

Bitcoin Defies Odds Despite Turmoil

Bitcoin is continuing its strong performance despite facing challenges from regulatory bodies and a volatile market. Its current price of $27,727 shows that it can still benefit investors who are looking at the long-term picture. High-timeframe investors should leverage any pullbacks from this point as an opportunity for growth.

Rising Interest Rates Impact Crypto & Stock Markets

The quarter-point increase in interest rates by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) caused both crypto and stock markets to face some pressure. Traders used this as an opportunity to take profits on their 20% gain over a seven-day period, resulting in Bitcoin’s price dropping below $27,000. BTC-tracked futures traders lost over $150 million due to long positions accounting for over 75% of these losses.

Navigating The Volatile Market

The FOMC decision reaffirms their commitment to returning inflation back up to their 2% objective but caught many traders off guard with the higher jump after the meeting which has now washed out billions in open interest. To navigate such volatility in the market, traders should keep a close eye on movements within the broader stock market while monitoring its upper and lower limits of 0.75 and 0.5 respectively in order to anticipate any changes ahead of time.

Leveraging Opportunities In Volatility

With all moving averages angled upwards, there is potential for Bitcoin’s prices to go even higher given enough momentum behind it structural changes or upcoming airdrops further influencing its behavior in the coming weeks or months ahead.. High timeframe investors should leverage this volatility by taking advantage of any pullback opportunities which arise during times when prices drop momentarily before potentially recovering with stronger gains afterward if they play their cards right..


Despite facing challenges such as under pressure stock markets, scrutiny from regulatory bodies and banks as well as rising interest rates, Bitcoin continues to hold its own with an upward trend across all moving averages indicating potential for future growth ahead if leveraged correctly by high timeframe investors seeking short term gains during times when prices may dip temporarily due to external factors beyond their control or influence..

Bitcoin Price Target Soars to $100K: Analyst Updates Bullish Outlook!

Bitcoin Price Drops to $24K Level

The crypto market had a massive bullish ride recently after Bitcoin price hit a nine-month high of $26,000 area. However, that bullish momentum was short lived as the star cryptocurrency has now retreated around $24,000. As of writing, Bitcoin is selling at $24,641 with a loss of 1.05% over the last 24hrs.

DonAlt Updates His BTC Outlook

A well-known crypto analyst popularly known as DonAlt claims that Bitcoin can now be considered as sustainable and has a real narrative while the banks are losing their stance. Back in 2022, DonAlt was one among the analysts who had a bearish stance towards Bitcoin.

DonAlt’s Target: BTC at $100K

DonAlt talks about the failing banks in the US and abroad where he states that Bitcoin is not for a short term narrative. The analyst gives out a list of macro economic events that has happened in the last 12 months and claims a $100,000 target for Bitcoin.

Immediate Resistance for BTC

At present Bitcoin’s immediate resistance lies near $24,800 and if the currency breaks down below $24,500 support then BTC would be further hit with more bearish movements.


Crypto analyst DonAlt believes that Bitcoin will never face pullback below $20k again and that it could reach up to around $100k based on current macroeconomic events happening worldwide. Meanwhile, immediate resistance for BTC lies near $24.8k while it is currently trading at around$24.6k with 1.05% loss over 24 hours.

Will SHIB Price Explode in 2023? Find Out Now with Our Price Prediction

• Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a decentralized cryptocurrency created in August 2020.
• SHIB price could reach a maximum of $0.0000259 by the end of 2023, with potential surge up to $0.000195 by the end of 2030.
• The article provides an overview and predictions for SHIB prices in 2023-2030, as well as market analysis, fundamental analysis, historical market sentiments and FAQs.


Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a decentralized cryptocurrency created in August 2020 that has seen an impressive run since then. With its Metaverse, Shibarium scaling solution, and other applications coming up soon, investors are interested to know how much SHIB will be worth in the future – specifically the years 2023 to 2025 and beyond? This article aims to provide an overview of Shiba Inu price prediction for these years along with market analysis, fundamental analysis, historical market sentiments and frequently asked questions about SHIB coin.

What Is Shiba Inu (SHIB)?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a decentralized digital asset built on Ethereum’s blockchain technology. The token was launched in August 2020 as part of the Dogecoin project but has become popular independently due to its own unique features such as low transaction fees and fast processing speeds. It also has its own ecosystem built around it which includes various applications such as crypto games and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As of March 2021, SHIBA had a total supply of nearly 13 billion coins with over 8 billion held by “whale” investors who have invested large amounts into the currency.

ShIBA Price Prediction 2023

According to our expert predictions, Shiba Inu could reach a maximum of $0.0000259 by the end of 2023 if all goes according to plan for Shibarium’s layer-2 blockchain scaling solution launch prior to this weekend. This would represent more than 100x growth from current levels at time of writing ($0.00000022).

Shiba In uForecast 2024

By 2024 , if Shibarium is successful and continues gaining adoption within its ecosystem then experts predict that Shiba INU price could go as high as $0.000195 by year-end representing over 800% growth from current levels at time of writing ($0 000022). That said this potential surge would depend on whether or not there will be institutional money flowing into cryptocurrency markets or if retail investors will continue driving prices higher throughout next year .

Shiba Inu Coin Price Prediction 2025

Looking further out towards 2025 , there are no certainties when it comes to predicting what happens with cryptocurrencies like Shibe Inu but most analysts agree that barring any major catastrophes or events that drastically change their current trajectory , prices should continue increasing albeit at a slower rate compared to previous periods . If all goes according to plan then experts predict that shibe INU coin price should reach anywhere between 0 . 0001 USD – 0 . 0003 USD per coin making it one of the most profitable investments you can make today .

Will NEAR Reach $10? Cryptocurrency Price Prediction: Near Protocol Price Forecast 2023-2025

• Near Protocol is a blockchain network that has been growing in prominence due to its higher transaction speeds, climate neutrality, and lower transaction fees.
• NEAR is the native asset of the Near Protocol, which is used for activities like completing transactions on the network and participating in staking procedures and governance procedures.
• Projections suggest that Near Protocol price could reach a maximum of $2.017 by the end of 2023, with potential surge up to $22.656 by the end of 2030.


Near Protocol is a blockchain network that has been growing in prominence due to its higher transaction speeds, climate neutrality, and lower transaction fees. NEAR is the native asset of the Near Protocol which is used for activities like completing transactions on the network and participating in staking procedures and governance procedures. In this article we will discuss Near Protocol Price Prediction 2023 – 2025 as well as analyze its historical market sentiments from 2020-2021.

What Is Near Protocol?

Near protocol is an open source blockchain based platform designed to enable developers to create decentralized applications (dApps). The platform uses sharding technology to enable high scalability, meaning it can handle more transactions per second than other blockchains such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. It also features low latency when sending data across nodes making it a great choice for applications that require real-time interaction between users on different computers or networks. Additionally, it allows developers to deploy their own custom logic into smart contracts through WebAssembly virtual machine technology called Move VM which adds another layer of security against malicious code injection attacks.

NEAR Price Forecast 2023

Projections suggest that Near Protocol price could reach a maximum of $2.017 by the end of 2023 if all goes according to plan with Phase 2 launch planned for later this year (2023). This would represent a considerable increase from current prices at over 700% growth rate compared to today’s value near $0.25 USD per token at press time (April 2021). Furthermore, if bullish sentiment continues around cryptocurrency markets then there’s potential for even further gains with NEAR potentially reaching up towards $4 USD by 2024 or 2025 mark before plateauing out around mid-decade levels somewhere between $7-$10 USD range depending on overall market conditions at any given time frame during those years ahead according predictions from analysts online and technical indicators studied closely by experts in trading industry .

NEAR Crypto Price Prediction 2024

As far as 2024 predictions go, things seem more optimistic with NEAR having potential surge up towards double digit figures possibly reaching heights around 22 dollars mark ($22) according some speculations made publically available online but these remain highly speculative nature right now until more concrete evidence comes out showing trend reversal sooner rather than later this year (2021). However even scenarios where NEAR fails meet expectations it still expected hold relatively stable positions within top 100 ranking list cryptocurrencies so investors shouldn’t be too concerned about their holdings long term prospects either way providing they’re prepared accept risk associated investing digital assets class .

Near Protocol Price Prediction 2025

For 2025 things get much more interesting since NEAR could become one most prominent tokens industry equaling or surpassing older established coins terms user base value market capitalization depending how successful teams behind project are executing their plans future development roadmap set place last December during “Ocean Summit” event held San Francisco Bay Area over course two days where representatives spoke several topics related upcoming Mainnet launch near future now less than few months away officially scheduled take May 2021 so many believe after “Phase 2” goes live early summer there might be considerable boost confidence investors pushing prices new all-time highs record levels past 10$ barrier looking quite reasonable target given current circumstances industry .

CoinPedia’s NEAR Price Prediction

CoinPedia predicts that NEAR crypto prices have high chances of hitting ATH mark close above $20 US dollars before seeing any sort bearish correction coming back rest traditional trading range under 10$ level once again prediction being made taking into account strong fundamentals offered project along positive outlook long term investor community holding majority tokens circulating supply thus ensuring stability future growth expected come next couple years least .

What Does The Market Say?

The overall sentiment in cryptocurrency markets regarding NEO remains largely bullish despite recent pull back seen across board April 2021 due profit taking activity traders who cashed profits last week causing short term downtrends short lived however longer outlook remains intact people still confident token’s value appreciate significantly next few years thanks supportive community backing project actively helping spread word every corner world social media platforms forums dedicated discussion topics related matter while also providing helpful advice newcomers learning ropes digital asset ecosystem general .

Ripple Demands Transparency: Dr. Layton Seeks Public Access to Hinman Speech Docs

• Dr. Roslyn Layton, a regulatory policy scholar, has filed an amended motion to intervene in the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit in order to access internal SEC documents related to a speech former SEC Director of Corporation Finance William Hinman gave in 2018.
• These documents have been the subject of significant public interest and debate as they could be crucial to the defense of Ripple, which the SEC has accused of violating securities laws.
• Dr. Layton argues that both the First Amendment and federal common law endow the press and the public with a presumptive right to access judicial documents for transparency and confidence in administration of justice.

Ripple vs. SEC: Dr. Layton Demands Public Access To Hinman Speech Documents

Dr. Roslyn Layton, a regulatory policy scholar, has filed an amended motion to intervene in the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit in order to gain access to internal SEC documents related to a speech former SEC Director of Corporation Finance William Hinman gave in 2018.

Significance Of Hinman’s Speech

These documents have been the subject of significant public interest and debate as they could be crucial for Ripple’s defense against accusations from the SEC that it had violated securities laws.

Dr. Layton suggests that their public release is essential for evaluating the strength of Ripple’s fair-notice defense, as well as shedding light on whether Ethereum’s proponents within the SEC had undue influence on crafting Hinman’s speech.

Strong Presumption For Public Release

Given its immense significance and absence of any legitimate countervailing interests counseling against disclosure, Dr. Layton believes that there is a strong presumption favoring public release of these Himan Speech Documents.

Layton also refutes claims from certain parties that these documents are irrelevant or should be kept confidential due to their containing sensitive information about agency processes.

Invoking The First Amendment Right

Dr. Layton is invoking her first amendment rights by petitioning for their public release so that citizens can have confidence in administration of justice regarding this case.



The importance of this case makes it clear why accessing these internal documents is necessary for gaining insight into how difficult regulations have been applied when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

It is currently uncertain what will happen with regards to Dr. Laytons’s motion but if granted she will be able offer much needed clarity into this contentious legal battle between Ripple and The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

Binance USD (BUSD) Stabilizes at $1 After CEO Clarifies Connection

Binance USD (BUSD) Stabilizes at $1

  • Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao clarified the connection between BUSD and the Paxos Trust Co.-issued token.
  • Paxos has already burned over $700 million of BUSD tokens since Monday.
  • The crypto exchange will continue to support BUSD for the foreseeable future.

Background of BUSD’s Stability

Binance USD (BUSD), a stablecoin backed by short-term treasuries and cash-like assets, is returning to its intended $1 peg after Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao commented on the crypto exchange’s connection to the popular Paxos Trust Co.-issued token on Tuesday. After rallying to $0.9997 in European morning hours on Wednesday, it recovered from a two-year low of $0.9950 hit after the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) on Monday ordered Paxos to stop minting more of the tokens.

Clarification by Changpeng Zhao

During a Twitter Spaces session on Tuesday, Zhao clarified that Binance does not issue BUSD. „We have an agreement to let them [Paxos] use our brand, but that’s not something we created,“ he said. His comments likely improved sentiment among traders, with some crypto enthusiasts on Twitter pointing this out earlier this week. Paxos has already burned more than $700 million of BUSD tokens since Monday.“Paxos will continue to service the product, and manage redemptions,“ Zhao added. „Paxos also assured us the funds are #SAFU, and fully covered by reserves in their banks, with their reserves already audited many times by various audit firms.“

Regulatory Pressure Impacting Market Cap

Despite the ongoing regulatory uncertainty in certain markets, regulatory pressure could still impact BUSD’s market cap, which would decrease over time if it is ruled as a security by courts – thus significantly impacting development of the crypto industry in jurisdictions where it is ruled as such.

Foreseeable Future Support for BUSD

Despite these implications, however, Binance will continue to support BUSD for the foreseeable future; recognizing users might migrate to other stablecoins over time causing necessary product adjustments accordingly. „We will be reviewing other projects in those jurisdictions to ensure our users are insulated from undue harm,“ said Zhao..

< h2 >Conclusion As of now, BUSD is still traded on numerous exchanges including Coinbase Pro and Kraken and has stabilized at its intended $1 peg following comments from Changpeng Zhao clarifying its connection with Paxos Trust Co.- issued token. The regulatory pressure could still impact market cap but nonetheless ,the crypto exchange will continue supporting it for now .

ETH Price Secretly Rising to $1800 in Feb 2023: Price Analysis

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Price Secretly Rising to These Levels in February 2023

  • Ethereum price is trading almost flat without letting of signals of its impending move regardless of the direction.
  • The current trade setup indicates the price may drop notably by 5%to 6% which may trigger a massive upswing before the weekend.
  • Ethereum’s price has been trading flat for the past few days and is expected to reach $1800 by the end of February 2023.

Current Trading Setup

Ethereum’s current trade setup indicates that the price may drop notably by 5%to 6%, which will likely trigger a massive upswing before the weekend. The ETH price retraced following a corrective wave ever since bearish divergence was spotted following a 50% upswing during the first fortnight of 2023. Despite mounted bullish pressure, it is possible that ETH will witness a minor bearish action that could push its price below $1500 in coming days.

Trading View

ETH is currently trading within an ascending triangle, indicating it could range toward resistance despite any bearish actions that may occur. The MACD is trading within positive levels, suggesting there could be a bullish breakout beyond $1720. In case of a bearish scenario, ETH would drop below the lower trend line but also rebound quickly to reclaim lost levels within the triangle. Over the past 7 days, ETH has leaped long and gained growth over 5.5%. This bullish momentum should help maintain an ascending consolidation until bulls take back upswing soon.

Market Sentiment

Judging from market sentiment, Ethereum’s current trade setup appears to be bullish and could reach beyond $1800 by the end of February 2023. The second-largest token has grown significantly over recent weeks and with continued momentum, it should continue rising until bulls take back control soon.


Overall, Ethereum’s current trade setup looks promising and suggests there could be a significant rise in ETH prices before February ends. Bulls have maintained significant control over recent weeks and with continued positive market sentiment this should continue for some time yet before bears make their presence felt again.

Celsius Releases List of Eligible Users to Withdraw 94% Crypto Assets

•Celsius has published a list of eligible users who can withdraw 94% of their crypto assets from the platform.
•Eligible users are required to update their accounts with AML and KYC information before withdrawals can be processed.
•Gas and transaction fees are also required for withdrawals, and those who do not have sufficient funds in their accounts to cover them will not be able to withdraw their assets.

Celsius, a bankrupt cryptocurrency lending firm, has recently issued an official statement regarding the pending withdrawals for eligible users. In a 1,411-page court filing with the US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York, Celsius has provided a list of users who will be able to retrieve approximately 94% of their eligible custody assets.

The list of eligible users consists of those who have maintained their accounts in good standing, and in order for these users to access their funds, they must update their accounts with the necessary Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) information, as well as the withdrawal destination address. Failure to provide the necessary information will result in the inability to withdraw assets.

In addition to the required information, eligible users will also be informed of the gas and transaction fees associated with the withdrawal process. These fees must be paid in order for the withdrawals to be processed, and those who do not have sufficient funds in their accounts to cover them will not be able to withdraw their assets. The remaining 6% of assets will be determined at a later date.

The release of this information follows a court filing submitted by the court-appointed examiner, Sholom Rubashkin, which provides an in-depth look at the financial standing of Celsius and its history. The examiner’s report, which can be read in its entirety here, is expected to help creditors and users recoup their losses.

Celsius has since released a statement urging its users to be patient as the team works to ensure that all eligible users receive their funds in a timely manner. They have also asked for patience as they work through the thousands of accounts on the platform, as well as the large volume of information that needs to be processed.

Ultimately, the news of Celsius’s upcoming withdrawals is positive news for eligible users, as it provides them with the opportunity to recoup some of their losses. However, it is important to note that the process may take some time, and users should remain vigilant in providing the necessary information to ensure that their withdrawal requests are successful.

Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry: Meta Masters Guild

• Meta Masters Guild is a Web3 mobile gaming guild that is tackling some of the major issues prevalent in the video games industry.
• It takes a tough view on the side effects of the industry’s expansion and criticizes the industry heavily.
• The project is redefining the entire entertainment industry and aims to be a factor that transforms the video games market.

Meta Masters Guild is a Web3 mobile gaming guild that is tackling some of the major issues that are prevalent in the video games industry. In the past 18 months or so, this project has emerged as a major force in the video games industry, and is looking to redefine the entire entertainment industry. The video games market is one of the hottest forms of entertainment out there, with the market growing enormously in size over the years. The growth of this industry is only going to continue, as technology improves and becomes more accessible.

Meta Masters Guild is looking to be one of the factors that will help to transform the video games market. It takes a tough stance on some of the side effects of the industry’s expansion and is not afraid to criticize the industry heavily. Its description is that the gaming industry is „among the most predatory industries in our world today.“ The project aims to tackle these issues and provide a better experience for gamers.

The project is looking to address some of the problems that are prevalent in the industry, such as the lack of transparency in the development process, the lack of trust between developers and players, and the lack of control over monetization and game content. By providing a platform that is transparent and secure, Meta Masters Guild is looking to increase the trust between developers and players, and give gamers more control over their experiences.

The team behind the project is composed of experienced game developers and entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in the gaming industry. They are highly motivated to improve the gaming experience for everyone and to make sure that the industry is a safe and secure place for gamers to play in.

Meta Masters Guild is looking to revolutionize the gaming industry, and provide gamers with a more enjoyable experience. With its transparent and secure platform, the project is looking to bring trust and control back to the industry, and provide gamers with a safe and secure gaming environment. With the right team and the right technology, Meta Masters Guild could become the next big thing during a bull run, and could be a major player in the video games industry in the coming years.

Immunefi Cracks Down on ChatGPT, Bans 15 People for Unvalidated Reports

• Immunefi, a web3 leading bug bounty platform, has cracked down on ChatGPT due to its lack of validity.
• Immunefi has banned 15 people so far who have submitted ChatGPT reports.
• Immunefi engineers have asserted that there are differences between ChatGPT and services like GitHub Copilot.

Immunefi, a leading bug bounty platform focused on web3 and smart contract security, has recently cracked down on ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a long-form question-answering AI developed by OpenAI that provides answers to complex queries in a conversational manner. Its impressive capacity to deliver responses of human-quality had led to the idea that it might soon revolutionize how people interact with computers and alter how information is retrieved.

However, Immunefi has taken a negative stance on this technology and has so far banned 15 people for submitting ChatGPT reports. In a tweet, Immunefi stated that these reports lacked validity and that they had taken necessary measures to ensure that such reports do not make it to their platform.

Immunefi engineers also emphasized that there are major differences between ChatGPT and services like GitHub Copilot. While the latter provides automated bug reports based on the code that is written, ChatGPT reports are generated without any input from the user.

This move by Immunefi serves as a reminder to other platforms to be wary of ChatGPT reports. While this technology may be capable of delivering human-quality responses, its lack of validity means that it should not be used as a replacement for real bug reports. Moving forward, Immunefi and other platforms must ensure that their bug bounty programs are not compromised by these reports.