Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry: Meta Masters Guild

by Peter .

• Meta Masters Guild is a Web3 mobile gaming guild that is tackling some of the major issues prevalent in the video games industry.
• It takes a tough view on the side effects of the industry’s expansion and criticizes the industry heavily.
• The project is redefining the entire entertainment industry and aims to be a factor that transforms the video games market.

Meta Masters Guild is a Web3 mobile gaming guild that is tackling some of the major issues that are prevalent in the video games industry. In the past 18 months or so, this project has emerged as a major force in the video games industry, and is looking to redefine the entire entertainment industry. The video games market is one of the hottest forms of entertainment out there, with the market growing enormously in size over the years. The growth of this industry is only going to continue, as technology improves and becomes more accessible.

Meta Masters Guild is looking to be one of the factors that will help to transform the video games market. It takes a tough stance on some of the side effects of the industry’s expansion and is not afraid to criticize the industry heavily. Its description is that the gaming industry is „among the most predatory industries in our world today.“ The project aims to tackle these issues and provide a better experience for gamers.

The project is looking to address some of the problems that are prevalent in the industry, such as the lack of transparency in the development process, the lack of trust between developers and players, and the lack of control over monetization and game content. By providing a platform that is transparent and secure, Meta Masters Guild is looking to increase the trust between developers and players, and give gamers more control over their experiences.

The team behind the project is composed of experienced game developers and entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in the gaming industry. They are highly motivated to improve the gaming experience for everyone and to make sure that the industry is a safe and secure place for gamers to play in.

Meta Masters Guild is looking to revolutionize the gaming industry, and provide gamers with a more enjoyable experience. With its transparent and secure platform, the project is looking to bring trust and control back to the industry, and provide gamers with a safe and secure gaming environment. With the right team and the right technology, Meta Masters Guild could become the next big thing during a bull run, and could be a major player in the video games industry in the coming years.

Immunefi Cracks Down on ChatGPT, Bans 15 People for Unvalidated Reports

by Peter .

• Immunefi, a web3 leading bug bounty platform, has cracked down on ChatGPT due to its lack of validity.
• Immunefi has banned 15 people so far who have submitted ChatGPT reports.
• Immunefi engineers have asserted that there are differences between ChatGPT and services like GitHub Copilot.

Immunefi, a leading bug bounty platform focused on web3 and smart contract security, has recently cracked down on ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a long-form question-answering AI developed by OpenAI that provides answers to complex queries in a conversational manner. Its impressive capacity to deliver responses of human-quality had led to the idea that it might soon revolutionize how people interact with computers and alter how information is retrieved.

However, Immunefi has taken a negative stance on this technology and has so far banned 15 people for submitting ChatGPT reports. In a tweet, Immunefi stated that these reports lacked validity and that they had taken necessary measures to ensure that such reports do not make it to their platform.

Immunefi engineers also emphasized that there are major differences between ChatGPT and services like GitHub Copilot. While the latter provides automated bug reports based on the code that is written, ChatGPT reports are generated without any input from the user.

This move by Immunefi serves as a reminder to other platforms to be wary of ChatGPT reports. While this technology may be capable of delivering human-quality responses, its lack of validity means that it should not be used as a replacement for real bug reports. Moving forward, Immunefi and other platforms must ensure that their bug bounty programs are not compromised by these reports.

ChatGPT: AI-Powered Bot Revolutionizes Crypto Trading with Pine Scripts!

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• ChatGPT is an AI-powered bot created by OpenAI to provide realistic answers to various questions
• It can provide traders with Pine scripts that are compatible with the trading view to develop their own trading strategies
• ChatGPT refuses to provide any trading guru advice and advises traders to invest at their own risk

The world of cryptocurrency has been revolutionized by the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, AI-powered ChatGPT, an OpenAI creation, is known for its realistic answers to even the trickiest questions. This AI bot has been making headlines in the crypto market by providing price predictions and technical analysis of digital assets, such as Bitcoin.

Using ChatGPT, traders can quickly develop a Pine script to guide them in understanding the market trend and deciding the best strategic plan. This Pine script can be added to the chart on the trading view and supports more than 100 indicators to identify the trends of the digital asset. ChatGPT also provides other features, such as automated trading, risk management, and portfolio analysis. With these features and the ability to generate a Pine script, ChatGPT can be a great tool for crypto traders.

However, it is important to note that ChatGPT has certain limitations in executing an appropriate analysis. Unlike other AI bots, ChatGPT doesn’t provide any trading guru advice and advises traders to invest at their own risk. Hence, traders should not rely on ChatGPT alone and use their own knowledge and experience to make informed decisions.

Overall, ChatGPT can be a great tool for traders as it provides access to Pine scripts that can be used to develop trading strategies. By combining the Pine scripts with the other features, such as automated trading and risk management, traders can analyze the market trend and make the right decisions. However, traders should remember that the AI bot has certain limitations and should always invest at their own risk.

Russia to ban Bitcoin as a payment method

by Peter .

Russia has finally updated its law for crypts to one that is much more flexible than previous drafts. However, it basically prohibits the use of Bitcoin as a means of payment. Bitcoin becomes unusable on the territory?

After having come a long way, Russia has passed a bill that legally recognizes crypto currencies as Bitcoin, but prohibits their use to purchase goods or services.

Russia takes an anti-Bitcoin stance

Bitcoin legal but useless in Russia
On 22nd July the local news agency Regnum reported that the State Duma, Russia’s legislative body, approved a draft law entitled „On Digital Financial Assets“ (DFA) on its third and final reading on 21st July.

This new bill recognizes digital currency „as a set of electronic data that can be accepted as a means of payment“ and gives it legal status.

In this sense, as of January 1, 2021, all operations related to cryptomonies will be legalized. However, not everything could be so wonderful.

Even though Russia granted legal status to cryptomonies, Bitcoin Rush and the rest will not be able to be used as a means of payment. This is undoubtedly a hard blow since this is what they are designed to do.

But then the question is: If I can’t use Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto currencies as a means of payment, what can they be used for?

Well, the DFA bill states that crypto currencies „can be issued, bought, sold and registered within the framework of special information systems.

In this line of thought, „the systems and their operators must comply with Russian laws and will remain on file in a relevant register maintained by the Bank of Russia,“ the statement said.

In addition, it should also be noted that the current law does not contain a definition of „token“ and „mining“. However, it does provide a definition of digital currency.

Also, although this bill provides a basis for cryptomoney legislation in Russia, regulation of the industry will be part of a completely different bill.

Anatoly Aksakov, told RIA Novosti that more detailed regulations could be approved during the next parliamentary session in the fall.

Threats in Russia over demand for USD 870,000 in Bitcoin

Why is it more flexible?
We pointed out earlier that, despite prohibiting the use of Bitcoin and other crypts as a payment method, it turns out to be a much more flexible bill than expected.

The reason is that, previously, the country’s legislators introduced a version of the law that basically made crypts completely illegal in the country.

In this sense, any company issuing or marketing crypts using Russian-based infrastructure would be illegal.

It also proposed fines of up to $7,000 or seven years in prison for people who buy Bitcoin with cash.

Clearly, this bill generated discontent within the crypto community in Russia. There were even protests in the country and criticism from various branches of government.

Live Casino Bonus

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Sie sollten wissen, dass normale Casino-Boni und Live-Casino-Boni etwas anders funktionieren. Normale Boni entsprechen in der Regel Ihrer Einzahlung. Bei Live-Spielen handelt es sich jedoch meistens um Cashback-Angebote, die üblicherweise als Cashback bezeichnet werden. Diese Cash-Backs sind ein Prozentsatz der Verluste, die Sie erleiden können.

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Sie fragen sich vielleicht, warum viele Online-Casinos separate Bonusse für „simulierte“ Casino-Spiele wie Spielautomaten und Live-Dealer-Spiele haben. Oder ob Online Casino Bonus ohne Einzahlung – Geschenktes Geld oder Trick? ist. Es ist wahr. Der Grund ist einfach: Die Beiträge zum Spiel sind unterschiedlich.

Live casino Bonus

Es ist normal, dass Sie zu bestimmten Zeitpunkten Ihre Einzahlung und Ihren Bonus einsetzen müssen, bevor Sie eine Auszahlung vornehmen können. Was diese Situation für Live-Glücksspieler problematisch macht, ist, dass in den meisten Casinos Roulette und Blackjack niedrige Beitragsgrenzen haben. Sie könnten sogar behaupten, dass sie bis zu 0% zur Einrichtung eines Bonus beitragen, wodurch diese Bonusse für Live-Spieler unbrauchbar werden.

Wie läuft es beim Live-Game?

Um die Probleme von Live-Roulette-Spielern und Live-Blackjack-Spielern zu lösen, bieten Casinos Cashback-Boni an. Diese Rabattangebote melden die Verluste, die Ihnen beim Spielen von Live-Spielen entstehen können. Im Allgemeinen zahlt die Rückerstattung 50% Ihrer Verluste. Es ist üblich, den Kundenservice des Casinos nach Ihrer Rückerstattung zu fragen (diese Transaktionen sind selten automatisch).

Welche Boni gibt es?

Wenn Sie all dies zusammenstellen, sind hier alle verschiedenen Arten von Boni, die Sie für Live-Spiele erhalten können:

  • Cashback: Rückerstattung Ihrer Verluste bis zu einem bestimmten Prozentsatz (z. B. 50% Erstattung)
  • Einzahlungsbonus: seltener als Cashback, aber manchmal entspricht ein Casino Ihrer Einzahlung und Sie können das zusätzliche Geld für Live-Spiele verwenden
  • Bonus ohne Einzahlung: Kostenloses Geld (keine Einzahlung), um ein Casino zu testen. Diese sind sehr bescheiden, normalerweise maximal 5 Euro
  • Kein Bonus: Einige Spieler von Live-Casinospielen ziehen es vor, ohne Bonus zu spielen

Cashback-Angebote sind in der Regel keine Anmeldebonusse. Sie können es mehr als einmal genießen, wann immer sie auf der Website verfügbar sind, auf der Sie spielen.

Achtung: Es ist wichtig, dass Sie kein Live-Online-Casino mit dem standardmäßigen Einzahlungsbonus der Website spielen, ohne vorher den Kundenservice zu überprüfen. Einige Websites haben strenge Richtlinien bezüglich der Spiele, die Sie mit Ihrem Bonus spielen können oder nicht, und eine falsche Wahl kann dazu führen, dass der gesamte Bonus ungültig wird.